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IGM Remote KYC

IGM has been at the forefront of remote KYC since 2016 and provides remote KYC services for the purpose of eFICA and eRICA.

Remote KYC
is part of our core

Many of IGM's products were designed and built around local South African regulation, with the intent of helping local businesses comply with their regulatory obligations.

With the regulatory requirement to undertake a risk-based approach to FICA your customers, isn't it time you moved to a fully remote solution that allows for fast, easy and secure eFICA and eRICA services?

IGM provides a web-based platform that enables the remote collection of FICA and RICA documentation from a mobile device. The solution is also aimed at data remediation services.

Shouldn't your business step up its digital transformation initiative and use remote onboarding tools that not only collect the information you need to become compliant and also handles the validation and verification of those identities?

Cloud-based, API Driven

Use the IGM KYC Portal to remotely onboard your customers, or integrate directly into our API to build your own user interfaces around our proven technology.

Validation and Verification

Validate and verify information collected against source databases. We integrate with the Department of Home Affairs to compare both text and facial images.

Scales with Machine Learning

Using machine learning and facial recognition, IGM integrates with multiple data sources to validate and verify information passed to us.

Always visible

A clear and transparent API ensures you always know where your customer is in the process, and the resulting KYC information is easily interpreted, allowing you to make better data-driven decisions.

Gain unprecedented insight into your customers profile with IGM Customer Insight Platform

Customer Insight is a new tool that gives you a unified view of each customer, allowing you to start processing transactions without the need to integrate immediately.

Consolidated view

Get a complete overview of your customers profile without needing to integrate directly to our API.


See where your customers are

An audit log provides detailed insight into where your customer is in the KYC journey, and allows you to contact them if you see they are stuck.

Fast, secure, and scalable KYC

IGM provides a fast, secure, and scalable KYC solution to enable your business to comply with FICA and RICA.

Contact sales to see how IGM's Remote KYC can enable your business, today.


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