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ManagementPlatform isUser-Friendly

Intergreatme provides a quick, safe and controlled digital visitor management platform. Our product is fully customisable, integrating with different buildings and security complexes regulations and requirements. This ensures the protection and safety of your tenants and your building.

Our platform ultimately improves management and leads to reduced incident rates as our validation process is precise, thorough and is in full compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI).

No more forms and no more fuss for visitors and hosts/tenants.


Each building has unique policies to adhere to. The examples presented on this page were uniquely designed for a business building that required quick on-boarding of hosts/tenants and seamless interactivity with their visitors.

We take the time to understand and appreciate each client’s specific needs and our solutions are designed around their specific input and feedback. This in turn makes our platform integration seamless, speedy and agile; with regular updates incorporating best practice and customer feedback.

Our process solution is designed around 4 easy steps. We LEARN, REVIEW, ADJUST and complete the system with our client’s FEEDBACK. We pride ourselves on being agile, and our approach is unique in that the Visitme platform is completely scalable. We accommodate change and provide a platform that is inherently intuitive and user–friendly.

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Our Solution
Is Designed
Around ourClients

Our platform ultimately aims to make our client’s lives easier, free up security management, do away with paper and forms and reduce incidents by providing accurate information of hosts and visitors. Please set up a meeting with us for more information.

  • Visitors never fill out forms again
    Our platform provides a complete digital, self-check- in experience for visitors

  • Verified contact information for your visitors
    Your visitors contact information is verified so you can get hold of them in case of need

  • Notifications for hosts
    Hosts receive notifications when visitor checks through boom & reception

  • Approve uninvited visitors
    Visitors arriving without an invite can be instantly approved or declined by the host via the notifications tab

  • Vehicle registration linked to visitors
    Vehicle registrations are linked for ease of parking management

  • Pre-approved visitors linked to hosts
    Each visitor is linked to each host they came to visit. If a visitor arrives without an invite from their host, the host will be notified to accept or decline the request

  • POPI compliant information collection
    All visitor and host information complies with the highest level of privacy and security standards

  • Digital Logbook & Management
    Digital logbooks for receptionist to welcome visitors and security logbooks enabling building management and compliance with Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) standards

  • Reduced incidents rate and improved management
    Only invited visitors are allowed inside the building or if uninvited, their host has to approve their prompt for access

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Our Case Studies

For more information please download our case studies and our process deck. These documents are in the process of being uploaded; please be patient with us.



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