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Licence Disc Renewal

What is Licence Disc Renewal?

This is a vehicle licensing renewal service.

Scan your car licence disc using the Intergreatme app by selecting Licence Discs. You will then be prompted to share information with our third-party supplier, who will give you a quote in app!

There is the cost of your vehicle licence plus an additional R199.00 service fee (only if you want your licence disc couriered to you).

Up to seven working days.  Our third-party service provider will handle all the details for you, and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way!
In addition, your car licence disc will be delivered, cut out for you and you will be provided with a disc holder!
Just attach to your car and you are licenced for the next year!

We will auto-complete the licence renewal form for you and email it to you so that you can print it out and take it to a Post Office or the Licensing Department for collection of your vehicle licence disc.

Payment is made through a payment gateway via credit card. It is fast – and secure! We don’t store your payment details.

No, we support vehicle licence disc renewals nationally.  The licence plates supported are: GP, CA, CY, CFM, CEY, CF, WP, CL, CJ, ND.

FICA on the Couch

What is FICA on the Couch?

FICA is the Financial Intelligence Centre Act that combats money laundering activities and the financing of terrorist and related activities (Checkout FICA Govt Document here). Financial services companies are required to get the following from you, as a person: proof of life, proof of identity, proof of residence and contact details. Normally you’d have to go and stand in a line and present all these documents in person.
Using our platform, you can do all this digitally and remotely from the comfort of your couch.

For you, as a person, this is completely free.
We charge the merchant a fee for validating and verifying your information.

Intergreatme is fully compliant with the Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act.
Service providers who are requesting your information via our platform need to register with us and we follow a KYC process when onboarding them. Effectively, they will be held accountable.
All transactions have a digital audit trail, so when suspicious activity occurs, users will be able to decline a request and mark it as spam or suspicious and we will notify the Direct Marketing Authority, providing them with evidence to fine or take legal action against that entity.

You control your identity.
You can now protect your personal data.
It is a secure platform to store your personal information and have it available at the tap of a button, anywhere, at any time.
Automated pre-population of application forms.

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