We're hiring!

April 16, 2021 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Intergreatme is looking to hire two new developers to complement our existing team.


Essential skills are Flutter, and Angular. You will be working predominantly in Flutter (targeting iOS, Android, and Web) but might need to pull in some weight with our Angular projects.

Most of your work will be focused on the development of new technologies, products and services within the Intergreatme App.

A portion of your time will also be devoted to working on our Remote KYC solution.


We're looking for an individual with experience in Java (DropWizard is a plus), and a keen interest or experience with Go.

The candidate should have experience with unit testing, with CI/CD experience being a plus.

We make use of Docker, so experience with container technologies is necessary.

We make use of CockroachDB, so experience with Postresql is required.

Your work will involve building up an upgraded backend for our products and services under the guidance of our Solution Architect and Chief Information Officer.


Send your CV to [email protected]