We're hiring!

April 16, 2021 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Intergreatme is looking to hire two new developers to complement our existing team.


Essential skills are Flutter, and Angular. You will be working predominantly in Flutter (targeting iOS, Android, and Web) but might need to pull in some weight with our Angular projects.

Most of your work will be focused on the development of new technologies, products and services within the Intergreatme App.

A portion of your time will also be devoted to working on our Remote KYC solution.


We're looking for an individual with experience in Java (DropWizard is a plus), and a keen interest or experience with Go.

The candidate should have experience with unit testing, with CI/CD experience being a plus.

We make use of Docker, so experience with container technologies is necessary.

We make use of CockroachDB, so experience with Postresql is required.

Your work will involve building up an upgraded backend for our products and services under the guidance of our Solution Architect and Chief Information Officer.


Send your CV to [email protected] 

Business, not as usual

December 2, 2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes

In a year beset with far-reaching international disruption, and the market uncertainty the pandemic has caused, the one thing that has remained consistent throughout is the essential need for trust to be maintained between consumers and businesses. In the RegTech space COVID-19 has served as the progenitor for great innovation, and as driver of change and migration to digital platforms due to the need to ensure compliance and ease of use for the end user.

The types of change which have occurred in many organisations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have permanently altered their operating conditions. Whether it has been in the medical and legal areas, or the accelerated adoption of ID verification technology in government departments, online marketplaces or banking. Rapid digital transformation programs over the last 3 quarters have been essential to many businesses hoping to maintain operations throughout hard lockdowns in order to  ensure trading stability as we move through this pandemic.

The speed of execution in implementing these programs has expressed the clear urgency to protect large numbers of consumers, and this has all needed to conform to the existing regulations like that of POPIA and the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act.

The pace of digital transformation and changes in consumer behaviour have accelerated trends favouring the uptake of ID verification across online marketplaces and the financial services sector far more than any other time in history, and in many instances these trends have resulted in business operations which have been subject to the regulatory pressures of compliance requirements while deploying and building new systems rapidly and at scale.

Maintaining a clean user-interface and eliminating cumbersome verification and sign-up processes requires delft planning and talent, maintaining a sense of trust and security is critical while instilling a great account opening experience. It is where these two elements meet that one encounters the power of user satisfaction. Make these processes too tedious or cumbersome, and consumers will lose interest quickly, and there will be a resultant low rate of adoption. In avoiding complexity, if you make these elements too weak, you will run likewise the gauntlet of falling short on compliance matters. 

The end user experience must be seamless, or you run the risk of alienating your customers, who are the ones you essentially do need to impress.

The account opening process, from start to finish will make or break any future relationship between your customer and your brand. And that was the lesson many businesses came to learn this year.

Where there is a crisis there is also an opportunity, and while there is no certainty of what other future threats may await us in the medium or long-term, never has there been a more pressing case for businesses to prepare for the digital long-haul and not get left behind. Fortune favours the prepared.

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The future of RegTech is here

December 2, 2020 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Intergreatme is a South African RegTech company which specialises in online identity management and verification, with a class-leading mobile application, web apps and a proprietary online business interface we aspire to provide innovative and cutting-edge solutions for the security and verification needs of 21st century consumers and businesses.

Through the deployment of our fast, secure and scalable platforms we place data fidelity and security at the heart of our systems, in fact the engine of our business is driven by the reassurance and fundamental trust that in everything we do and every decision we make is made in total compliance with the regulatory and legislative environment.

Our headline products are built on a foundation of invention, and have been custom built to perform to rigorous specifications. 

Remote KYC (Know Your Customer) has been at the forefront of eFICA and eRICA, allowing South African enterprise to take a fully remote risk-based approach to their regulatory obligations.

Intergreatme for Business simplifies identity management with our proprietary mobile app. Enabling real-time identity verification, the creation of business forms with deep integration and the secure sharing of biographic identity information on demand, all done through remarkable innovation to deliver a secure and regulatory complaint solution which allows the end-consumer to completely control their identity while empowering businesses take a bold step into the future.

Great user experiences rely on intuitive interfaces and logical and thoughtful design aesthetics, and that is why we place as much emphasis on these elements of the user and business experience as we do on our security.

At Intergreatme we place the end-user and business consumers at the very heart of everything we do.

We specialise in making the technical and complex elements of RegTech systems simple and easy to use, to deliver world-class solutions and cutting-edge innovations which give our clients the reassurance of total regulatory compliance.

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