Intergreatme was born from a shared frustration at the inane task of filling out seemingly endless forms with the same personal information in seemingly endless formats. The reliance on paper trails is a burden on patience, productivity, and the environment. Consumers and businesses alike require versions of these documents for registration and application processes; which are sometimes nothing more than frustrating, repetitive processes.

Intergreatme was the brainchild of the three founding members to alleviate this constant need for verified, stamped and in certain cases, original, documents. The platform was created to become a storage vault for businesses and consumers alike, where personal documents would be validated and verified, updated and stored and shared in real-time, nullifying the time-wasting filling out of paper forms.

We are Identity Navigators, which merge peoples online and offline worlds, to create an integrated society.

Intergreatme is an identity management platform, that is user-and-consent driven. We enable you to link all your personal information to your profile; which we validate and verify on your behalf. With the tap of a button, our platform will allow you to be instantly on-boarded with numerous service providers.

Our offerings include risk-based KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures, digital access management for residential and commercial buildings as well as remote registration and application onboarding.

Our target audience comprises any of the5 billion people globally who have a bank account and a mobile device. The platform is free to use for individuals. We monetize via financial service companies who have successfully on-boarded their customers.
Intergreatme provides comprehensive, streamlined solutions to the application, registration and verification processes.

We enable businesses to comply with various regulations in the KYC (Know your customer) space such as FICA, RICA, NCA and POPI laws.

We give you control over your Identity

Intergreatme provides businesses and users with the fundamental opportunity to own and control their identity in the online and offline world through a seamless process of activating and sharing the relevant identity information with service providers. Our business aims to make life easier for individuals on a global scale and to integrate people into the digital world in an accurate and safe way.

Our view of the market is that customers are reluctant to physically go into service provider branches as they would prefer an easier, less time-consuming way of doing things. Our platform allows these customers the opportunity to register, apply and share information from the comfort of their own home or office.

Our best practice is based on linking the two sources of truth in the system; 1st the Customer and 2nd The Source Database, everything else is simply machine learning and process automation. We enable the customer to link their documents with the source databases so that, their profile updates automatically on a monthly basis. We will use blockchain technology to further increase the integrity of our platform.

our vision

Our 5-7 years is for every individual with a mobile device and bank account to be using the Intergreatme KYC me services; never having to fill out a form again. Our Visitmeofferingwill be active in every office park and residential estate.

Our 7-10 years for election voting to take place from the comfort of one’s palm and the privacy of their own home, maintaining full anonymity. To solve for the airport, creating hassle-free flight and access solutions for international travelers.

Our 10-15 years is to be the global identity management platform which distributes our Universal Basic Income (UBI) with incentives.

As AI, robots and automation advance, the promise is a world of abundance, where we can work out of love and passion instead of obligation and necessity as many to today. UBI will be a major contributing factor towards this new social construct we humans will need to create.

We acknowledge that it will be a long road ahead with many challenges to overcome.
Fortunately, we are young enough and stubborn enough to attain our vision or a better evolution of it, as we learn and adapt to our environment.