Grow your business securely with Intergreatme.

Intergreatme gives people one verified identity that can be used to securely connect with your business and other organisations for a broad range of uses everyday.

Verify Information

Customise your onboarding, and validate/verify any customer info.

Access Control

Replace your logbook. Quick and secure property access management

Age Verification

Verify your customers age or identity for purchases or travel.

ID Verification

Each Intergreatme user is verified using official identity documents,

License Disc Renewal

The verified renewal solution working with Department of Transport

Digital Forms

Digitise all your onboarding forms with Intergreatme Business

Digital Onboarding and Verifications

Imagine if you could know your customers without forms, ID photocopies or staff checks – confident that every one of them was who they say they are. Wouldn’t it be great if your customers never forgot their passwords because they login with their face?

Intergreatme is a global digital identity platform that can be integrated into your business in less than one day to bring identity verification and secure multi-factor authentication in seconds.

You can also start verifying your customers without doing any technical development by simply setting up an Intergreatme Account.

Simple, Fast and Secure

A free app for consumers
People create their digital identity using biometrics and a passport or driving licence. HTTPS (SSL) encryption protects their data and helps them safely connect it with people and businesses using the Intergreatme app – goodbye paper IDs, photocopies, usernames and passwords.

Intergreatme Business platform for Businesses
Intergreatme platform ensures businesses know exactly who they are dealing with in seconds. Sharing data responsibly with individuals via their Intergreatme app builds trust and transparency – as well as saving time and money with every engagement.

How to Use Intergreatme

Your digital identity will make life easier, every day.

Customer Onboarding & Verification
Customise your client onboarding process, and instanly validate and verify their information against trusted source databases.

Proving your Identity to Businesses
Save time and money instantly sharing verified details with the snap of a QR code. No more scans or photocopies.

Digital identities that businesses can trust

We understand the increasing challenges businesses face in accessing, verifying and storing customer data securely. We also help companies comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more about how we help businesses with GDPR.

We’re an award-winning regtech company that’s guided by a vision to make it safer and easier for people and organisations to share and verify personal data worldwide – providing simple, transparent solutions to everyday identity challenges.

Create your own digital identity

Download App

User downloads app, adds their info and verifies their number.

Add Identity Doc

User adds their ID Card or Book, Passport and/Or Drivers License.

Secure Data

User secures with password & Fingerprint.

Share Details

Users connect and verify their details, using their app profile, with a range of Intergreatme Business users.